VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting

If you don’t want to buy a safe room full of servers for your business, or if the bulk of your team works remotely, it’s probably a good idea to invest in some kind of commercial cloud hosting. There are three main kinds – shared, dedicated, and hybrid. VPS is hybrid, which means it combines the qualities of dedicated and shared hosting. The main differences between hosting types are cost, space, and security. Large international companies may prefer to have their own servers while smaller projects like personal websites are fine with a few GBs or TBs on a communal server. VPS – which stands for Virtual Private Server – offers more space and customisation options than regular shared hosting.


Many companies that offer VPS hosting will bundle it with other services like SSL certification, domain names, security features and software add-ons. Shared servers are far cheaper than dedicated ones, and VPS offers the privacy of a dedicated server at the cost of shared one. VPS technology allows hosts to run multiple cloud networks on the same server while keeping them completely independent and separate. In both dedicated and shared hosting, your data is distinct and secured with passwords and high-level encryption. With VPS, you pay for dedicated space and dedicated RAM even though the server is shared, which drastically lowers your cost.

Studio Licious Group

With Studio Licious Group’s hosting plans, you are sure to find what suits your needs best. Our comprehensive VPS hosting allows for the following:

  • A swift set up
  • full control and access
  • a user-friendly web-based management control panel
  • WHMCS integration

We have four VPS hosting plans. Each one is designed to suit various needs. Our most basic one, VPS 10 SSD, costs R 299/month and includes 10 GB SSD web space, 200 GB web traffic, 1 GB RAM, 1 core CPU and 2 IP’s. At R 999/month, our VPS 500 SSD, which is designed for larger needs, includes 500 GB SSD web space, 2000 GB web traffic, 8 GB RAM, 8 cores CPU and 2 IP’s. Give us a call to find out more about our VPS hosting packages.



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